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Best Tourist Attractions in
Los Angeles

It might well be the most iconic place on the planet (I mean is there anyone out there who can't recognise the Hollywood sign?) but once you've seen the sign what else is there to do in LA?


We've made a list of some of the best tourist attractions in LA.



Could we start anywhere else? For the young and the young at heart, if it's your first time in Disneyland don't be surprised if you get a bit overwhelmed. Yes, it's overdone, but for a reason! Really, Disneyland is magical, and not just for the kids. It's a full day, of lines, food and fun, and you simply can't go to LA and not go to Disneyland.


Universal Studios

Ok, another cliche. But driving around Universal studios and thinking about all the people who have passed through those gates and those studios means it's a must-do of LA. This is where the magic started.


Venice beach

Hang out where the beautiful people hang out. LA is known for showbiz but don't discount it's beach vibes. Walk down the beach, whilst watching the crowds of people jogging and rollerblading. Bonus points if you go at sunset. It doesn't get much more LA than this.


Mulholland Drive

Well, maybe we can get just a bit more LA. It's inspired a movie because you can "feel the history of Hollywood" and indeed you can. It's 34 km long and from various viewpoints you can see great views of the Hollywood sign and the San Fernando basin. Mulholland Drive is also home to some of the biggest stars on the planet, so you'll be cruising past some of the most exclusive and expensive houses in the world! If you can afford it, rent a convertible and enjoy the drive!

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Rodeo Drive

Continuing with the supremely rich and famous, where else could you go but Rodeo Drive? There's a good chance you may not be able to afford anything on the strip but we would say it's more about the vibe than the shopping. Put on your Sunday best (think STAR) and if you've got the convertible from Mulholland Drive, now's the time to show it off!


Walk of Fame

There's not really more to say. You can't come to LA and miss out on walking down the walk of fame. There are 2600 stars on it at time of writing, so have a stroll down the avenue and you're sure to see some of your favourites!


Downtown LA

Lest you think it's all Hollywood, take a wander down downtown LA when you need a break from the film industry. It's easy to think LA is just Hollywood (and maybe this list didn't help), but behind the showbiz LA is a huge melting pot of cultures and people, and downtown LA is where you'll really get to see this. There are some beautiful old buildings, great museums (we were partial to the Broad) and a reinvigorated and thriving restaurant scene. Downtown LA is where the real (non-stars) hang out and it's all the better for it.


LA is about getting out and feeling the city. It can be hectic and busy, but it's also got a special vibe that you're not going to find anywhere else on the planet, so get out there and enjoy it!

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