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Nice places to live in
Los Angeles

Nicest Places to Live in Los Angeles, California

Are you planning to relocate to Los Angeles, California soon? And are you wondering about where to get the best apartments to live? Well, finding a nice place to rent an apartment or buy a home can be a very challenging task especially if it’s your first time in LA. But no need to worry anymore, the three areas we’ve described below will meet all your residential demands. Let’s have a look!

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1. Glendale

Glendale is one of the most wonderful places to live in Los Angeles. Equipped with a jackpot of social amenities, Glendale is just where your next home or apartment should be. The high level of security in this neighborhood not only makes it an ideal place for enjoying life but also for raising your family. A perfect place for a living has enough recreational facilities, and Glendale LA isn’t an exception. Take a short walk with your kids to the nearby LA zoo for some great fun. And if you love to learn about the history and cultural stuff then you could as well make it to the Norton Simon Museum. You can also go to the San Gabriel Mountains and enjoy some exciting hikes before getting back to your apartment. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Glendale LA is about $2700 per month while a medium-sized home goes for about $800 000.


2. Down Town LA

If you would like to spend most of your time in some modern surroundings then Down Town LA is the right place for you. DTLA is a great place to live in especially for people who work at the city center. Getting a house here makes it cheaper to move from your apartment to the workplace. Down Town LA California is the best option for you more so if you’d like to quickly go out and enjoy some really nice time with friends. The average price a one-bedroom apartment in DTLA is around $2 500 per month. It may seem very expensive but it’s quite an advantage if your workplace is within or around the CBD.


3. Silver Lake

You’d never truly be forgiven if you talked about Nice Places to live in Los Angeles, California but didn’t mention Silver Lake. Silver Lake is home to lots of dining locations and tens of other beautiful places where you can spend good time with family or friends. Therefore, if coffee and cocktails are your things then we recommend you try Silver Lake for your next home. In terms of traffic and availability of enough parking lots, Silver Lake is well above the average. The average price of a medium-sized home here is any amount from $140 000 while a one-bedroom apartment goes for about $3 000 per month. What we’ve shared is just about the top three places according to our survey where you can live in Los Angeles California. However, if you want to get the real experience you can organize a quick trip and see for yourself.

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