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North Hollywood

Located just a couple of miles north of Toluca Lake and Hollywood’s Universal Studios and with a population of just over 76,000, North Hollywood is bordered by Burbank to the east and San Fernando Valley suburbs to the west. It is a city with a storied history, one that is closely tied to land and the business decisions of a few men.


North Hollywood: A Brief History The city now known as North Hollywood did not start out with that name. As a matter of fact, this is its third and coined so to enjoy the goodwill attached to the “Hollywood” tag. The beginnings of the present-day town can be traced to the 1542 annexation of the California territory by Spain and the subsequent establishment of Franciscan missions all over the area. The region as a whole saw changes including the 1842 independence of Mexico but the ones that directly affected North Hollywood were the actions of a few men.

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Toluca Lake

From the natural Toluca lake of Los Angeles River, The neighborhood bounded with Hollywood, North Hollywood, Burbank, and Universal City takes its name. Acquiring about 1.2 square miles of California state, Toluca Lake's history started since Tongva Indians lived in the area using Toluca Lake's water for their day to day activities like fishing, hunting, farming.. Etc. Until the 1790s when the Spanish conquerors took over the place along with the Mexicans after Mexican independence. Finally, the place was bought in 1923 to be developed to the well-known neighborhood known today as Toluca Lake Park.

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Universal City

Los Angeles

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