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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is, in worst cases, a severe and painful nerve injury that comes about when the median nerve is compressed between the eight wrist bones. CTS is the most common work-related injury, especially for people who work in assembly lines and those who type on computers a lot. Its symptoms include; pain in the hand and wrist numbness and a tingling sensation.

Most doctors suggest aggressive treatment options like surgical procedures and the use of steroids to treat the condition. However, research has shown that several chiropractic treatment options can help alleviate the pain.


If you feel any pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation in your wrist, you should make an appointment with a specialist for a diagnosis. Diagnosis includes physical examinations and even X-Rays.


CTS treatment includes reducing and eventually eliminating wrist pain and inflammation and working to relieve the median nerve pressure.

Treatment options include:

Applying ice to the inflamed wrist

Applying a col substance on the inflamed area helps reduce the pain and inflammation. Avoid using hot substances since they may increase the rate of inflammation and make the feeling worse.


There also several exercises that your chiropractor can help you do to help alleviate your wrist pain.

The wrist extension stretches

The wrist extension stretch is done by extending the arm forwards with your palm facing forwards like you're signaling someone to stop. You'll then pull your stretched arm's wrists backward with your other hand to help relieve pressure from the median nerves. Hold the position for 15 seconds.

The wrist flexion stretch

Stretch the arm with the wrist bent downwards and the palm facing you. You should then pull on it with the other hand and hold the position for about 15 seconds.

Medial nerve glides

Make a fist with your hand stretched in front of you. Move your hand towards your back while it is still stretched. It would help if you then pulled on it with your other hand with the palm facing away from you, and once your hand gets to the farthest position it can go, push it out a little bit more. This exercise is best done with a specialist or partner who knows their way around stretching exercises.

Wrist supports

Wrist supports can be used alternatively with chiropractic treatment to minimize movement and help you heal better. They are used to keep the wrist in proper alignment, especially after chiropractic adjustments, and prevent further injury from the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tips to prevent CTS

  • Take frequent breaks from work

  • Use splints to help keep your hands straight

  • Rotate jobs whenever possible

  • Learn the correct posture and use it appropriately

  • Exercise your wrists and your entire body in general

Most patients completely recover after they get the treatment and never get the CTS syndrome again. However, recovery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can take days weeks, or even months. Recovery usually depends on the extent to which the nerve was affected, the type of treatment you choose, and how early you decide to start your treatment.

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