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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression for Herniated Disc

If you are looking for the best treatment that will save you from the endless torture of lower back pain, there are not many  effective options you can turn to. Most of the treatments that are available are not safe or effective. Non-Surgical Spinal-Decompression is a state-of-the-art treatment that is highly effective, safe and has almost no recovery time.

Why choose Spinal-Decompression for back pain?

Spinal-Decompression is a therapy that involves expanding the spine using a motorized device or a traction table. It is a procedure that has become very popular due to its numerous health benefits. According to recent health studies, the treatment is useful and safe for young and old people. If you have been experiencing acute or chronic back pain, Non-Surgical Spinal-Decompression is your best option.

Once the therapy is applied to the patient’s spine, it brings several benefits that include creating lower pressure around the disk to cause an inflow of nutrients and other healing substances into the disc. The procedure also helps in the repositioning of the herniated disc.

Non-Surgical Spinal-Decompression procedure consists of fifteen – thirty sessions, where each lasts 30 or 45 minutes. All the sessions are conducted by a professional in their office. But since every case is different, some sessions might include extra treatments like ultrasound, electric stimulation, and heat or cold therapy. However, this will be determined by the tests.

One main reason for lower back pain is from a herniated disc. The herniated disc happens when there is a problem with the discs that make up the spine. A herniated disc creates discomfort by irritating the nearby nerves resulting in pain at the back, leg or arm.

How Non-Surgical Spinal-Decompression can help with Herniated disc

If you are struggling with acute or chronic back pain, you know how painful and rough it can be. Disc herniation can be a result of injury or wear and tear. Fortunately, non-surgical spinal-decompression can help treat herniated discs completely. The procedure has shown to produce better results than surgery that most people prefer.

Apart from relieving the pain, Non-surgical spinal-decompression treatment method also helps the blood to reach the affected area for faster recovery. It is also a spine therapy that benefits other conditions such as sciatica pain, pinched nerves, leg pain, arm pain, and many other forms of body pain. After the treatment, most patients experience substantial improvements in the lower back. But if you might be suffering from heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure, it is important to consult your doctor before the treatment.

Is Non-surgical Spinal-decompression good for you?

If you have been suffering from back pain due to herniated discs for a long time, you can benefit greatly from this treatment approach. It is a method that has offered hope to many back pain suffers. Whether it is chronic or acute back pain, non-surgical spinal-decompression is effective and is considered the most hopeful treatment option for herniated discs.

The procedure is not just painless and safe; it is also relaxing, comfortable and does not involve pain medications. Other conditions that have been treated successfully with non-surgical spinal-decompression are sciatica pain, acute or chronic back and neck pain, stenosis, degenerative disc disease and failed back syndrome.

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