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child scoliosis specialist in los angeles, ca

Child Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine. It occurs when the backbone has a curve that measures 10-degrees or more. A normal spine should look straight when looked at the back. However, when a child has scoliosis, his or her spine has a C or S shape. The curve can occur on the right or left side. So, a child who has scoliosis may look like he/she is leaning towards the right or the left.


What are the causes of scoliosis in children?

In many cases, the cause of scoliosis in children is not known. There are children who are born with scoliosis and others develop the condition later in life. Many cases are reported between the age of ten and eighteen. Scoliosis is a condition that develops more in girls than in boys. Some of the possible causes of scoliosis in children are:

• Infection

• Injury

• Tumors

• Inherited conditions

• Nervous disorders such as muscular dystrophy

• A difference in leg length


What are the symptoms of scoliosis in children?

Although there are several common symptoms of scoliosis, the symptoms can be different in every child. Some of the common ones are:

• The head not in-line with the body

• Differences in the height of the shoulders

• Differences in hip position or height

• Problems in breathing if scoliosis is severe

• Leaning on one side when walking, standing or sitting


The symptoms can cause other issues including back pain or result in an injury. Hence, it is important for the child to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


How is scoliosis in children diagnosed?

With complete health history of your child, the doctor can easily diagnose scoliosis. First, he or she will learn about your child’s growth and development and carry out some tests on the shoulders, legs, hips, ribs and the back. Other extensive tests include:

• CT-scan – the specialist uses a machine to take pictures of the spine.

• X-rays – the x-ray is the common way most doctors use to diagnose scoliosis in children. The x-ray may also be used to identify other conditions such as fused or broken bones.

• MRI – this is a scan that uses some powerful magnets to take pictures of the spine.


How is scoliosis in children treated?

The main aim of the treatment is to fix or control scoliosis. The treatment can also be used to prevent further issues on the spine. The treatment option depends on the condition of the child and the severity of the curve. The treatment option may also depend on age, symptoms and general health of the child. The treatment may include:


1. Observation – the child will be required to visit the hospital regularly for the doctors can check on the curve. In some cases, the curve can stop or slow down after a certain age.


2. Bracing – bracing is another treatment option that the doctors may recommend. If the kid is still growing, he/she may need a brace.


3. Surgery – if the curve is severe, your child might need a surgery. In most cases, a surgery is recommended if the curve is 15-degrees or more. Some schools regularly check for scoliosis. However, it is important for the parents to keep a check their kids as well. If your kid has back pain, uneven hips and shoulders, seek medical attention immediately.

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