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The Mystic Museum

Located on Route 1 in Mystic, Connecticut, The Mystic Museum is a museum for the ages. This small museum of oddities includes a novelty store. It has a large collection of antique dolls, artifacts, and strange animals. It is open every day. The museum also offers special tours. The Mystic Museum is located at 3204 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. The museum is free to visitors. It is also open on weekends. You can visit during the summer to enjoy the museum's various events.

The Mystic Museum of Art is a 100-year-old institution that serves as the cultural and arts center for Southeastern Connecticut. It features exhibitions and education programs and is located along the Mystic River. The museum is open seven days a week from May to December, while January to April are open Tuesday through Saturday. The museum has special evening events, including Art After Dark.


The Mystic Museum is also home to the popular '90s Slashers exhibit. This unique exhibit is part museum experience, part photo op. The Mystic Museum has partnered with Fangoria, Fright Rage, and Slasher Energy to create this exhibit. Admission to the exhibit is $16, but it is worth the price to see it up close.

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The Mystic Museum is a wonderful place to go if you are interested in the paranormal, occult, and horror genres. In addition to exhibits, the museum hosts occult-themed events and photo ops. There are also ghost investigations and art shows, and there's even a gift shop.


The Mystic Museum of Art is a vibrant hub of community and is dedicated to educating the community through the visual arts. It operates art studios and galleries, promotes the sales of artists' works, and holds a permanent collection of works by important local and regional artists. It also offers art classes and offers an education in the basic skills of art.


In addition to the regular exhibits, the Mystic Museum is home to a new section devoted to horror. Camp Horror is an immersive experience and is based on popular horror films from the 1980s. It will run through June, so make sure you check it out. The museum's retail space is a great place to shop for a horror movie or two.


In addition to its permanent collection, The Mystic Museum of Art hosts several exhibits throughout the year. The museum also hosts various workshops and lectures. The museum has a strong education program, educating over 3,800 students last year. If you're looking for a fun way to spend a day with the family, the museum offers affordable passes.


The museum also has a working shipyard, which preserves the museum's historic vessels. There are a variety of educational exhibits at the museum, including a replica of a 19th-century seafaring village. The museum also has a planetarium, which teaches about star navigation. There are also self-guided and guided tours on historic boats. The museum is open seven days a week, with advance tickets available.

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