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Universal Studios in Los Angeles

Universal Studios is a theme park situated in Los Angeles, California. If you love movies, then you must have heard of Universal studios. Some super famous, big-budget movies are filmed there. Some movies and the characters become immortalized at Universal Studios. This theme park is based on some of the biggest movies franchises ever. There are rides, characters, adventure tours, shows, and many thrilling experiences.

You can visit this park and it would be a perfect one day tour for you and your family. So, What Are the Best Attractions In Universal Studios in Los Angeles California?

1. The World Of Dinosaurs: Jurassic world 'Jurassic Park' was perhaps the greatest film of Universal Studios. That ancient world of dinosaurs is here in this park. The ride will take you through the entire Jurassic park. You will see ferocious Raptors and even pet these creatures. The tour is super exciting and scary. At the end you may even get a little wet. But that wouldn't be so bad in the summer.

2. The World Of Harry Potter: Are you a fan of Harry Potter? - If your answer is 'yes' then you will enjoy the world of Harry Potter. The mysterious world of the 'Harry Potter' is perfectly designed for excitement and adventure. You can visit the houses and you can experience the magic atmosphere around you. The magic of Hogwarts are waiting for you.


3. King-Kong 360: See King-Kong and a large T-Rex fight before your eyes. This 3D ride puts you on a tram that takes you through a long tunnel. The motion of the tram as it reacts to the special effects going on makes the ride super exhilarating. This 3d tour consists of a gigantic screen that everyone should experience.  

4. Universal Studio Tour: You shouldn't miss this famous tour of the Universal Studios. You can see everything associated with the Universal movies. Real sounds and some special effects make this tour very interesting. To know the history of the Universal Studios and movie secrets, makes this tour truly enticing. 


5. The World Of " The Walking Dead" This tour is based on the popular AMC television series. You can travel through the world of zombies and halfdead monsters. The tour will surprise you with the life-like zombies and gore infested locations.


6. Fast and Furious Ride: This tour is designed on the motion simulator technique. This means while you aren’t actually moving it will feel like your riding at 120 mph. This tour will provide you with 3D screens and lots of special effects.


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There are more exciting tours like - Transformers 3d Ride, Mummy's revenge ride, Water World, Simpsons ride and much more. But this park has more than just rides and attractions, like nice restaurants and shopping.

'Butterbeer' is a famous food in the 'Three broomsticks' dining place. There are more dining areas like this throughout the park. You can also buy some exclusive merchandises here. There are many stores and shopping places where Universal Studio's merchandises can be bought. In the holidays and Christmas time, you will find some very special shows to watch. If you buy online tickets from their site, then you can get a special entry into their studio. Universal Studios in Los Angeles is packed with fun and excitement. There is so much to see here.

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